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Looking Young Never Gets Old: An Esthetician's Perspective

This past weekend I was out and about at one of Chicago’s “hot spots” and in between the conversation with my friends and dipping my sashimi, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the attractive faces surrounding me. As I glanced at the men and women enjoying their night of wine, laughter and flirty eyes, it is then that I began to question “Are we all chasing the fountain of youth?” After all, “timeless” is one of the labels that never goes out of style.

Since becoming a Medical Esthetician, I look at people’s faces from an entirely new perspective. In my mind, I see a blank canvas ready for magic. In the same fashion, I also analyze a person’s face taking notice of what he or she has done to revitalize their look: Botox….check….fillers….check….the glow from a recent BBL or Halo…check. I then remember “Wait, I’m here with my friends”. More often than not, it is in the high end, chic dwellings where Chanel, D&G and Louis Vuitton, the other timeless labels, that I find men and women really invest in their skin care regimes. So this leads me to question, is healthy looking skin a direct relation to an individual’s success in their careers? Is an esthetically pleasing face more likely to take on advancement in the corporate world? I’m sure there have been studies done about this topic, but for now, I watch the market trends in this industry. As more and more people dive into the world of cosmetic work, patients are beginning to understand that skin care isn’t just a once in a while pampering experience; but a lifestyle choice. They are realizing that it’s an investment in their wellness, which includes a whole spectrum of healthy living from the emotional to the spiritual.

I’m so happy to be in this industry that gives back, I love when my clients leave me feeling great about the services they have just received. Perhaps they will enter that interview with more confidence and poise; perhaps they will hold her head a little higher when they go out at night, perhaps they will just feel like their youthful manner now matches her appearance. I’ll end this with a quote from one of my favorite shows that always made me laugh Sex And The City…. Charlotte: “What ever happened to aging gracefully?” Carrie: “It got old”…

No matter your budget everyone should maintain their skin with medical grade services. Anyone can go to a Spa and get skin treatments but it is important to know the difference between spa services and medical grade services.

My recommended "Core Procedures" for everyone yearly routine are the following:

- Medical Grade Facial

- Halo Laser


- Botox

Even if you have a small budget, one, if not all of these can fit into your yearly routine!

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