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Scarlet SRF 

How does Scarlet SRF treatment work?

Scarlet SRF uses micro-needle electrodes bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology to coagulate dermal collagen and elastin fibers, which improves skin tightening and texture of skin. 

What is Scarlet SRF? 

SRF is short pulse radio frequency technology. Short pulse RF technology is a revolutionary, safe skin treatment with absolutely no down time and no effects. Developed by the researcher behind the Na Effect, Scarlet SRF is the first RF technology that uses the phenomenon of independent tissue coagulation around each micro-needle electrode with short pulses of alternating bipolar signal energy. Scarlet SRF is patented not only in America, but also in 70 other countries, in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and south America. 

How many treatments are required?

Scarlet SRF treatment delivers results in a single treatment for most patients with little to no downtime. The treatment is very comfortable and attractive to patients. More treatments give more results. We recommend 3 treatments during a year to maximize skin rejuvenation. 

How long does a treatment take? 

Scarlet SRF treatment takes about 20 minutes for the face and 10 minutes for the neck. The time needed for a body treatment depends on the size and condition of the area being treated. Scarlet SRF treatment is both time-efficient and revolutionary effective. 

Is there any special preparation or follow up regimen?

No. Scarlet SRF treatment doesn't need any special preparation or follow-up regimen. Basic skin care and sunscreen is enough for aftercare. Since Scarlet SRF procedure has little to no downtime, most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Rosacea patients exhibit a temporary redness or minor swelling after treatment, but this usually goes away within 24 to 72 hours. Scarlet SRF is the safest treatment in the field of RF systems, with little to no downtime and no side effects. Clients are good to go immediately after treatment; there is no bleeding or sensitivity as experienced with other micro-needle treatments. 

How is Scarlet SRF treatment for different skin types?

Unlike laser treatments, Scarlet SRF is safe and works on all skin types: I,II,III, IV,V and VI. Scarlet SRF coagulates total dermal layers to rejuvenate total skin without any pigmentation (P.I.H.) Scarlet SRF technology is based on electric signals, which doesn't affect skin color. 

What does Scarlet SRF treat?

Scarlet SRF targets scalp skin tightening, face skin tightening and lifting, double chin, neck and body skin tightening. Recently, short pulse radio frequency technology of Scarlet srF was clinically proven to improve rosacea, acne vulgaris, melasma, and mottled telangiectasia. It is very safe and no rebounded with lower recurrence. And needless to say, Scarlet SRF improves common issues such as skin texture, pores, photo-aging, scars and striae. 

When do the results appear, and how long do they last? 

Visible tightening results come immediately, and the results of dermal remodeling appear over time in the course of new collagen, elastin fibers regenesis and vascular rejuvenation. For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in 2-3 months. The results can last 6 months to a year following a single treatment, depending on your skin condition and aging process.

Is it painful?

Most patients report experiencing little to no pain. Scarlet SRF delivers energy to the skin in a time interval of less than 300 milliseconds (0.3 sec). It is the shortest heating time among all RF devices. The micro-needle electrodes are extremely thin and work with gentle pressure and optimal speed technology, developed through numerous clinical trials. Scarlet SRF presents patients with maximum results and maximum comfort. 

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