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Droopy Eyelids Treatment in Chicago, IL

A variety of physical conditions can affect a person’s appearance, and correcting these conditions is sometimes difficult or impossible. Ptosis, or eyelid droopiness, is one of the most pronounced disorders of the face. In addition to affecting your appearance and vision, ptosis can be aggravating. However, various medical procedures offer the relief you desire. Improve your looks with our droopy eyelids treatment in Chicago, IL.


Advanced Cosmetic Rejuvenation focuses on providing patients with the medical services they need to correct their specific issues. A weakness of the elevator muscle that controls the blinking response causes eyelid droopiness, which can be congenital, the result of injury, or age-related. We do thorough testing to verify if you have ptosis. If we confirm the diagnosis, we may recommend upper eyelid ptosis surgery to correct the disorder. We raise the eyelid by surgically tightening the elevator muscle.


For some patients, the problem is dark circles under their eyes rather than droopy eyelids. Under-eye darkness is a common condition that is typically age-related; however, it can begin to affect young adult men and women. We can treat the disorder with under-eye circle correction. Contact us to learn more about ptosis treatment and to schedule an appointment.

Brighten your vision and your appearance by creating ideal eye symmetry.


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How it is corrected?

Upper eyelid ptosis surgery works by surgically tightening of the elevator muscle to raise the droopy upper eyelid. There are various techniques available to tighten the levator muscle, depending on the type and severity of the ptosis. Ptosis surgery can be performed through a posterior eyelid approach (internal ptosis surgery or mullerectomy), resulting in scar-less surgery with excellent eyelid contour. It could also be performed from the front skin approach (external ptosis surgery), where the incision is hidden in the eyelid crease line. In congenital ptosis or ptosis due to very weak elevator muscles, the upper eyelid has to be linked to the forehead muscle (frontalis muscle) in order to use the forehead muscle to lift the droopy upper eyelids. This technique is called frontal sling. 

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