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Stem Cells 


What do Stem Cells do? 

Stem Cells are the work horse in regenerative medicine. They are cells that re-grow and repair tissue. They can divide into more of themselves or into other types of cells such as skin, bone and hair. Besides regenerating new tissue, stem cells decrease inflammation and increase healing time. 

Where do Stem Cells come from?

We all have stem cells in our body. Most of them are resting unless activated. Our own stem cells function just as well regardless of our age. But, as we get older, the numbers of stem cells decrease. We can use the stem cells located in your fat for cosmetic purposes and have been doing so for quite a long time. However, obtaining and processing your own stem cells for use can be a bit tedious. We now have access to cryopreserved, umbilical cord stem cells. Each vial of these  stem cells contains one million live stem cells. These stem cells are FDA approved for topical applications. 

How are stem cells used?

We use stem cells to decrease healing time, decrease inflammation and improve the result from any of our regenerative treatments. We need growth factors to activate these stem cells. We cause our body to release growth factors when we use laser or radio frequency energy. 

We see exceptional results when we apply additional live stem cells after some of our regenerative treatments such as Scarlet RF Micro-needling, Agnes RF Macro-needling or Halo Laser. 

We also see amazing results with hair regrowth and thickening when we perform Scarlet micro-needling in conjunction with stem cell application on the scalp.

What about the stem cell facials and creams I see advertised online?

If you read the details of these treatments, you will see that the stem cells being used are from plants and not human.  Also, these stems are not living. Stem cells must be alive in order to regenerate. That is why we keep our stem cells cryopreserved, to be brought back to life just before use. 

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