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Skin / Texture

Uneven or rough skin texture can be distracting and often worsen over time. 


Skin texture problems can present themselves in a variety of ways from dry, flakey skin on the face, sagging skin and sun damage. These problems often worsen over time. 



















Halo Laser  is the most comprehensive approach to improve your overall skin appearance. Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal resurfacing your skin from the inside out. It used to be that treatments like this required significant downtime, with the Halo Laser you achieve an ablative treatment with no downtime. 


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Improve your overall skin texture in 45 minutes

Contour TLR (Total Laser Resurfacing)    An erbium laser is used to completely resurface specific areas. This procedure is great for those patients who have deep under eye, lip or facial wrinkles and lines. By resurfacing the area, we are able to create new skin with a smooth texture. 


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