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Natural Rejuvenation / Nano-Fat Transfer

By the time most people are 22 years old, they are fully grown and and the process of tissue decay kicks in...

Imagine, all of the "shelf life" fillers come in 1cc. syringes. That is about 1/4 teaspoon of filler. Depending on the filler, the price tag can be anywhere from $650.00- $950.00 per vial. 

Now, think about an average under eye correction, which involves supporting the mid-face and tear trough area. We use between two and three vials of filler. The price for that averages between $1,400.00- $2,150.00.

If you've decided that you need this under eye filler either because you congenitally were born with under eye circles or becasue of aging changes, this situation is not going to change. Your filler need to be repeated every year.

Now imagine having all the filler we need for one price.


Typically, Dr. Mary will use between 30-40cc's of your own fat, which she breaks down into three distinct parcels - some fat destined to provide volume, some less volume and some into your body's own stem cells. These fat cells and stem cells are then activated further by highly concentrated growth factors form your own blood (PRP).  

This is your very own natural regeneration system and, anywhere between 50%-70% of these tissues remain. That means this "filler" does not need annual repetition. 

Imagine, having a non-invasive transfer of fat from anywhere on your body to either your full face or components of your face in a few hours. You leave the office looking normal, not overstuffed and usually not even black and blue. 

Reverse tissue decay to regenerate the face

The amount of filler and stem cells available for us to use for one patient.  


Under eye circles


Immediately After

Fat Transfer 

We typically harvest fat from an area on your body and then process that fat into different parcels, each with its own specific purpose. Some fat will be destined for maximum volume and some for less volume. A good portion of the fat will be turned into Nano-Fat. The goal of Nano-Fat is to harness the power of your growth factors and stem cells to repair, restore and regenerate the areas into which it is injected. 

Hand Harvesting Fat for Nano Fat Transfer 

Micronizing Fat for Fat Transfer 

Stem Cells 

We process your fat taken during the fat transfer into stem cells. Stem cells are known as "pluri-potential" cells. What that means is that they are able to transform into any kind of cell. Stem cells can differentiate into bone, fat, nerves, blood, lymphatic vessels, collagen, skin cells or other organs depending upon where they are injected and what treatment they are paired with. The stem cells in hair follicles are integral in regeneration. Your own fat cells are one of the best sources of fat cells. In fact, according to the latest research, the stem cells in your fat are not affected by your age! 

Processing Fat into Stem Cells

How It Works 

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) 

PRP is commonly added to most Fat Transfers. Platelets contain large amounts of growth factors which stimulate your body's natural healing capacity. The treatment has been shown to lead to a more rapid more efficient and more thorough restoration of tissues to a healthy state. We use the most up to date system for obtaining the highest possible concentration of growth factors from your own blood. PRP can greatly increase the proportion of fat cells that survive the fat transfer process and ensure the most efficient use of your tissue. 

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