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The Bridal Check List

It is almost that time of year, we have passed the rush of fall and winter engagements and are moving into wedding planning season. While flowers and food are important, you are the star of the show. We have created a 6 month wedding plan for you summer brides. The basic maintenance and when to start it!


The PritiSkin Bridal Check List:

6 Months To Go....

- Laser Hair Removal

If you are thinking about doing Laser Hair Removal, 6 months before the big day is when you should begin your treatments. For the best results, we like to have our patients get a total of 6 treatments spaced around 6 weeks apart depending on the area being treated.

- Small Area VASERLipo or Laser Lipolysis

VASERLipo or Laser Lipolysis is a great options for brides who work out and might have a body area of concern. For the bride who is wearing a strapless dress and has underarm or bra fat, this is for you. This minimally invasive procedure uses ultra sound technology to m let fat in your desired area before laser tightening the surrounding skin.

Exilis Ultra

For small problem areas, Exilis Ultra uses ultra sound and radio frequency to non-invasively eliminate fat and tighten skin. This is great for the bride that is looking for tone and smooth skin with no downtime. We start this procedure 6 months before the big day because we like each patient to have at least 4 treatments spaced 1 week apart. Full results are visible 3 months after the final treatment.

4 Months...

Halo Laser is the must-do skin procedure that uses both ablative and non-ablative settings to achieve amazing results with minimal to no downtime. Focusing on skin texture, pore size and overall appearance, Halo is the most comprehensive laser to help you prep your skin for the big day.

This is a minimally invasive procedure where we take your blood and spin it to concentrate the platelet rich plasma. This procedure can be done on its own or combined topically with Halo Laser to increase collagen production, help with the overall healing process and increase results of overall rejuvenation.

3 Months...

- Fillers

At three months before the wedding day is when we typically would suggest brides to get their fillers done. Whether that is a total under eye correction or a little fullness in the lips. We think that 3 months allows our brides to go into their final fittings and hair run throughs looking and feeling amazing.

2 Months...

- Signature Medical Grade Facial

Our Signature Facial is a customizable facial to defy aging, clear your skin, exfoliate and stimulate. We use a combination of facial techniques along with medical grade formulas and the power of Forever Young Broad Band Light to target dead skin, large pores, collagen production, pigmentation and uneven texture of your skin.

3 Weeks Before...

- 2nd Medical Grade Facial

2 Weeks Before...

While it will not take 2 weeks for either of these to kick in, we like to have our patients get this done 2 weeks before just so that it has time to settle.

The Week Of The Wedding

- Oxygenating Facial

- Brows

- Lashes

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