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Face / Neck & Chin 

Double chins are common, most people don't realize that permanently removing the fat that causes your double chin is both minimally invasive and takes 45 minutes.


We inherit a lot from our parents and unfortunately many people inherit a double chin. Some people carry fat in their chin more easily than others. Double chins tend to become more prominent as we age and skin loosens and muscles in that area weaken. There are three ways we eliminate double chins. 

We approach fixing your double chin two different ways based on your individual needs. 

AGNES RF - is ideal for small deposits of fat under the eyes, around the mouth or under the chin. The focused radio frequency (RF) technology allows us to safely target and shrink specific pockets of fat under the skin. The RF energy restores the skin's health and reduces wrinkles by stimulating the production of volumetric collagen and elastin. 

PritiLift - is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser lipolysis and ultra sound technology to melt the fat in the sub mental area, removes the fat and then laser tightens the surrounding skin.

Often times, Dr. Mary may suggest a combination of treatments in order to achieve best results. 








Permanently remove your double chin 


new jawline, double chin correction and non invasive chin enhancement





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