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Bellafill® is an injectable collagen filler that is used to immediately add volume to the skin and also lift nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines) for a smoother, more youthful appearance. It’s very similar to treatment with other conventional fillers, but the results are immediate and may last up to five years!


How Bellafill® Works

Bellafill® is a PMMA (also known as polymethylmethacrylate) collagen filler. The collagen in the filler provides immediate volume and lift, while the PMMA allows your body’s own collagen tissue and blood vessels to form around it and naturally promotes more collagen production over time.


Benefits of Bellafill®

Called the 5 Year Filler, Bellafill® is approved for the correction of facial wrinkles and also treats moderate to severe acne scars on the cheeks. It also helps replace lost collagen by working with your body’s natural processes.



Who Can Receive Bellafill®

Over time, we lose volume in our faces, increasing the chances for wrinkles and folds to appear. The fat pads in our cheeks may slide downward toward the mouth, which can cause the skin to wrinkle or fold, creating the “smile lines” from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds). Bellafill® effectively addresses volume loss to reverse the signs of aging. It will replace the lost volume in the skin below the wrinkle for results that are immediate and lasting.

Repeated movement of the facial skin may create wrinkles. These types of wrinkles are “dynamic.” Age is a factor, but repeated facial movements, such as frowning or squinting, can also create lines, which means they may develop even in younger adults. These wrinkles are not candidates for Bellafill® treatment.


What to Expect

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with Dr. Mary Pritikin for a consultation and skin test. During this appointment, she will perform a physical examination and review your medical history to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Dr. Mary will also clearly explain risks and benefits of the procedure. You may be required to meet with Mira Cano, our office billing manager to make arrangements to cover the cost of Bellafill®  before you leave or receive treatment.

Whether you can receive the first treatment immediately or need to schedule an appointment to return will depend on the PritiSkin clinic’s schedule and availability.  You will experience a simple, in-office treatment with little to no downtime. You can immediately resume your normal daily activities.  Using a very fine needle, Bellafill® will be injected right under the depression of the smile lines, and will immediately add volume to lift and smooth out wrinkles. The treatment contains Lidocaine, which is used to numb the tissue in the treatment area and provide a more comfortable experience.

Following the treatment, you You can return to normal activities right away. You may experience temporary swelling, redness, pain, bruising, lumps/bumps, itching, and discoloration at the treatment site. These side effects are usually transient and typically resolve within 1–7 days.


Bellafill® Before and After

An open label uncontrolled, prospective study has established Bellafill® as the only dermal filler that is safe and effective through 5 years. The safety of Bellafill® has been established in the largest and longest prospective dermal filler study ever conducted, with 23 study centers and 1,008 patients over 5 years. A total of 1,542 patients have been treated with Bellafill® across 4 U.S. clinical studies. You can view the before and after pictures below to make the most informed decision possible about the treatment.


Bellafill® Side Effects and Risks

You may experience temporary swelling, redness, pain, bruising, lumps/bumps, itching, and discoloration at the treatment site. These side effects are usually transient and typically resolve within 1–7 days. You may experience lumps/bumps/papules that may occur more than one month after injection and that may persist. Less common side effects include rash and itching more than 48 hours after treatment, persistent swelling or redness, lumps/bumps, acne, and increased sensitivity at treatment sites. Infrequently, granulomas may occur and may be treated by your licensed physician provider.


Cost of Bellafill®

The cost of Bellafill® varies depending on how many syringes are required to obtain optimal correction. Dr. Mary Pritikin along with our clinic manager Mira can personalize a treatment plan that fits your time and budget during your consultation.

To learn more about Bellafill® and other Skin Rejuvenating treatments, please make an appointment at  PritiSkin™ Advanced Cosmetic Rejuvenation – Chicago’s leading provider of aesthetic and esthetician services – at 312-332-4475.

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