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Facial Peels & Masks

facial maskAt PritiSkin, our medical estheticians will apply peel solutions to exfoliate dead skin cells and help healthy skin cells rise to the surface. These treatments allow deeper layers of fresh and untouched skin to be revealed. The result of monthly treatments can even skin tone, clear acne, improve the appearance of aging skin and make dull complexions glow.

Peels are safe for all skin types, and PCA Skin® Care Certified Professionals are trained to identify what treatment combination is safe for each person’s skin in order for patients to reap the greatest benefits. Professional peels are increasingly effective with pre- and post-treatment care, balancing your skin before the peel and nurturing it after the treatment.

What will a PCA Skin® Care Facial Peel or Mask do?

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and dark spots are all signs of visible aging. There are two types of skin aging: intrinsic, which happens naturally over time, and extrinsic, which is a result of external factors like sun exposure, pollution, smoking, alcohol use and other lifestyle choices. Mild facial wrinkling, expression lines, and dry, sensitive skin are likely a result of intrinsic aging. Extrinsic factors are thought to be responsible for 85% of visible aging, with sun exposure being the leading cause. The suns damaging rays breakdown the skins support structure, leading to discoloration of the skin, wrinkles, sagging and, in some cases, even cancer. Our PCA Skin® Care treatments remove older skin to reveal fresh, newer skin for a more youthful look.

Acne is the most common skin concern, affecting nearly 45 million Americans each year. Acne occurs when there is a buildup of oil in your skin, which clogs your pores creating whiteheads, blackheads and pimples on the surface of your skin. Typically, acne develops where there is an abundance of oil glands, like the face, scalp, chest, back and neck. Consult with our esthetician to find a PCA Skin® Care treatment that will address your acne concerns.

How do PCA® Facial Peels and Masks work?

Our peels chemically resurface the skin by promoting the exfoliation and cell turnover of damaged skin. Essentially the esthetician will create a controlled wound on the skin when removing the top layer that allows new skin to grow in place of the old skin.

What areas can be treated?

Chemical peels can be done on several body parts. These specific services are designed for your facial area.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, lighter peels can be done up to once per month. Deeper peels should only be done every 4 to 6 months.

How long will it take to recover?

After your chemical peel, it is likely the results will feel like you have sunburn. Skin may be a little red and sensitive. This feeling usually goes away in about a week. Depending on the depth of the treatment, these reactions may be less or more severe. Your skin will begin to shed and should be completely done in about two weeks.

What to Expect during my PCA Skin® Care treatment

Your esthetician Sara De Valk  will thoroughly wash and clean your face before treatment. Cooling gel pouches may be used on the treatment site immediately after the procedure, as your face will likely be very sensitive. You may also experience a light stinging sensation. One or more chemical solutions will be applied to your face and allowed to sit on the skin for up to ten minutes. Cool compresses may be used to quell the stinging feeling.

What will I look like immediately after treatment?

Depending upon the type of chemical peel, a reaction similar to sunburn occurs following the procedure. Peeling usually involves redness followed by scaling that ends within three to seven days. Mild peels may be repeated at one to four-week intervals until you get your desired look. Medium-depth and deep peeling may result in swelling as well as blisters that may break, crust, turn brown, and peel off over a period of seven to 14 days. Medium-depth peels may be repeated in six to 12 months, if necessary.

How do I care for my skin after the treatment?

Keeping away from direct sun exposure is very important after you’ve had a chemical peel or mask. It’s also highly recommended that you wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 over the treated areas. Do not use any exfoliation on the face; the peel is already exfoliating your skin at a cellular level and you don’t want to damage the skin that is beneath.


To learn more about Facial Peels and Mask, please make an appointment or contact our medical esthetician, Sara at  PritiSkin™ Advanced Cosmetic Rejuvenation – Chicago’s leading provider of aesthetic and esthetician services – at 312-332-4475.